Lifestyle Block Farming Services offers a range of tractor based services as well as fence repair and maintenance, soil and water management, and stock welfare services. We operate modern but compact machinery perfect for any size job.

Pasture and paddock management Fertilising Paddock

• Soil testing (assessments) and fertiliser advice

• Fertiliser & Lime spreading

• Fertiliser cartage

• Harrowing

• Paddock topping

• One-off and scheduled paddock (and large lawn) mowing and/or mulching


Spraying Lambs

• Spot spraying paddock weeds, gorse or other similar large brush weeds 


We are  certified


Water management

• Farm water installation and repair

• Water trough installation and repair


Fencing Fencing  

• Conventional fence maintenance and repair

• Electric fence installation, maintenance and repair



Stock work Custom made Trailer

• Drenching

• Sourcing and selling

• Transport of small livestock using our custom made trailer



Calf Rearing Calves in paddock

• We rear calves on a boutique style scale


Pricing (excl. GST)

• Labor $40 p/hour

• Tractor work $60 p/hour

• Scheduled paddock maintenance or project work contact us