Calf rearing

Calves today are tomorrow’s herd. So it makes sense to give them the best possible start in life.

Calf nose At Lifestyle Block Farming Services we rear calves on a boutique style scale, because we enjoy working with animals.

For us to be successful we buy-in young beefy cross calves, 4-10 days old that have had a good start to life with the required colostrum from mum. On top of that we raise them according to good management practices; all calves have access to clean water, clean/dry bedding, we focus on hygiene and separate any sick animals to get them back on track as soon as possible. We provide spacious living quarters and a regular day rhythm with quality feed and enough exercise to keep them happy whilst growing up.

Calves in spacious living quarters All calves are NAIT tagged, vaccinated, and drenched before being delivered to your paddock.

Are you looking for a few animals to graze your block? Do you prefer an annual influx of a few calves to keep up the flow through of your herd? Contact us to talk it through or make a booking for delivery late spring.