About Us

Lifestyle Block Farming Services is Albert and Maud. We currently live on a 30 acre lifestyle block in South Wairarapa and experience daily how great it is!

hole_boring-Copy When you talk to Albert about creating your dream block, you will notice the 10+ years of experience of living and working on a lifestyle block.
Albert holds certificates in General farm skills for: Feed budgeting, Animal health, Soils and Fertilisers, Calve rearing, ATV advanced, Chainsaw safety and Tree felling through Taratahi in Masterton.

We understand the demands a lifestyle block can bring when time becomes scarce trying to balance a job and spending time with family. Combined we have sound knowledge of lifestyle block maintenance and the equipment to help you to create your slice of heaven or piece of paradise, looking great.

Lifestyle Block Farming Services takes care of all necessary tasks on lifestyle (small holdings) and rural blocks to help you enjoy your block, according to our slogan “It’s all about your Lifestyle”. We have the policy that there should be “No surprises” which means that you always, in advance, know what work is going to be done on your block and when, with your approval.

Let’s get started and contact us!