Lifestyle Block Farming Services

Sheep_and_lambs  Lifestyle Block Farming Services (LBFS) in Wairarapa.

Welcome to the LBFS website. There is something about life in the country that the lifestyle dwellers wouldn’t want to be without. We are people with a sense of adventure and a love for the countryside. When you’re a lifestyle block owner and also holding down a job, the maintenance of your block can be a bit of a mission. Combining the management of a lifestyle block with a (full-time) job is no mean feat and can easily lead to you becoming a slave of your property.

slasher Besides the limited time for maintenance and improvement, the lack of the right equipment can also be a battle or can quickly become expensive.

Having been in that position myself since 2008. I decided to start Lifestyle Block Farming Services to provide a range of tractor based services as well as fencing, and soil and water management, to help lifestyle block owners managing the block.

If you are looking for a helping hand on your block, temporary or ongoing, please contact me on 027 527 8921 or leave a message on the Contact page.